Tania Dever is the founder of Live a pH Life.  In both her business and personal life, she whole-heartedly lives her life through the her 3 core values of love, support and family.  This shows through in many areas of her life and it is the reason Live a PH Life was created. Tania believes the core mission of Live a pH Life  is this
‘We are a family providing support for each other so we can love ourselves and our community more’.

Like so many busy mothers out there.  Tania was overwhelmed with bringing up a family and struggling financially and thinking she was doing the best for her babies. Tania came to a point in her life where she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, dangerously high blood pressure and morbid obesity and was even directed by her doctor to get lap band surgery as an immediate last resort. Feeling out of control and not knowing where to start brought her to her worst moment.


Tania had tried and failed with most diets on the market.  All out of options and with nowhere to go she decided to take matters into her own hands and have a good honest look at her overall approach to health and not just the numbers on the scales anymore. What she discovered was a new clean approach to health that surprised her at every stage of her journey. At her heaviest she weighed in at 132kg, today she is a healthy, happy, vibrant 69kg.
"losing weight and getting your life back really can be fun, easy, exciting, honest and not at all scary.  The tools and resources on this website are designed to get you started so you can have the confidence to not only move forward, but create success that will last for a lifetime!"
Tania's career has been always been based in education and development, and a recent shift in thinking and her life experiences, has changed her  direction from Special Education to Health, Wellbeing and lifestyle education.

Having been fortunate enough to learn and grow from many inspirational speakers, researchers and action takers, she has gained from their various perspectives,  with these  learnings having helped to shape Tania into the women that she is today. Her favourite speakers and people to date have included Dr Robert Young, Don Tolmen, Anthony Robins, Tyler Tolmen, Kerwin Rae, Joshua Henry, Amir Zoghi, Brendan Burchard, Scott Harris, Andy Harrington and Travis Bell. She looks up to many inspirational women such as Brene Brown, Lorna Jane and Janine Allis. 

Final words from Tania…..
"Life is amazing, don't waste a minute!"




Joshua Henry, Founder, Limitless You
I was privileged to be Tania’s coach when she transformed her life & body losing more than 30kg in 2013. Soon after beginning my coaching program she became very passionate about making healthy food & lifestyle choices easy and achievable for everyone. From her delicious recipes and mouth watering food ideas her brilliant work has not only increased ease of...