Things To Know About Me…

1. I care about my family and friends fiercely
2. I get pissed a bit too easily sometimes but I will apologise
3. I am having a love affair with 1-2 avocados a day
4. I am a teacher. I teach children with special needs
5 I love the sun so much I could burst some days
6 I want to travel throughout Europe
7. I have never had a big party so I am planning one for my next birthday
8. Over a couple of years I lost almost 60 kgs
9. I spend many hours in the sauna each week, it’s so warm and friendly in there
10 I love cooking beautiful healthy foods and I’m pretty good at it.
11 I recently started running for the first time as an adult
12 I am really scared of marine life, big fish, sharks, jelly blubber etc. etc.
13. I am not scared of heights and recently did a 16000ft skydive
14. I have four beautiful, unique children
15 I have been married for 20 years and I was a child bride.
16 My hubby and I started dating when I was 15 years old.
17 My heaviest weight, that I know of was 132 kgs!
18 I buy so many clothes and they hardly fit in my teeny wardrobe…ok well it is small!
19 I really love oats and almond milk
20 I will start a business soon helping people that need to learn how to eat for overall health
21 I dance wildly in my car on my daily commute, I like watching other commuters reactions
22 I eat foods that are primarily alkaline
23 I secretly really love the gym now
24 I want to learn something new every single day
25 I have a delicate self esteem.
26 I drink between 4-6 litres of water a day
27 I do not like renovating my home, too messy
28 I once was a unhealthy smoker
29 My eldest son has Autism
30 I have a long bucket list and I’m a very busy person
31 When I buy clothes in my new size I do a happy dance pretty much every time.
32. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for loved ones
33. I have lots of crazy ideas and have to really focus on completing tasks.
34. I only drink soy or almond milk and I can make my own.
35. I like making new friends
36. Yep I talk too much.
37. I juice cleanse regularly :D