Boots on Baby!

Shoes and handbags what’s not to love? They have always been safe territory for me. Over the years when I couldn’t trust the clothes that I wanted to fit onto my ample body shoes and bags were fashionably there and non discriminatory regardless of my poor food choices.

Now bags and shoes were trusted but boots definitely no, they were always untrustworthy. Any bigger gal will tell you that boots required slim calves and ankles of reasonable proportions. Boots were only for the ladies of a certain measure. I could not even guess the amount of times I tried various styled boots hoping I had made enough progress or that the proportions they were made by had changed. I mean you do hear about the average weight of people going up and airlines now factor this into seat sizes and petrol…. Validating myself to make me feel better was all I had for decades of disappointment. But not this day, my boots on day today.

Today I had made enough progress, lost the required circumference and this allowed me to pour myself into my newly acquired black heeled boots. I went into the day knowing that this was big moment for me and I was excited. I wondered if anyone else had the same joy from simply pulling a plain pair of boots on over their jeans that day, gratitude poured from me. While feeling the boots and how they fitted up my calves I appreciated the life choices and lessons that packaged this day to me.

I had to wonder what was the lesson that I needed that required I wait so long to put put my boots on? This is what I reasoned. You see my former weight has damaged my legs and calves a lot, I have diseased veiny legs. I have to wonder that if my boot obsession was not there, I may not of cared to seek medical care as vigilantly and promptly without my ulterior motive. Would I have let my poor legs pay further damage by my own lack of diligence if my little boot frustration wasnt ensuring I deal with my health presently? I don’t know for sure but I do know this, today I proudly put my boots on with the knowledge that I had put in the sweat, tears and damn hard work that was required to go from boot-less to bootyful.